September 26, 2012
Well, time for the annual manual website update. To introduce the new release, I remember Alexander Bailey (Radio Khartoum) once talked about how there's no point releasing an album if there's nothing different about it from previous work. If you're familiar with my previous releases, they generally sound like one guy in a room by himself over-dubbing all the instruments in a laborious and inorganic way. At least that's what they sound like to me, because that's how I always worked. So the intention with this EP was to form a band, rehearse together, play gigs together, and record the songs with everyone playing together in a large room. So that's what happened in January this year, in the old church hall at St George's, Battery Point. Band members joining me were Nick Gross (drums), Jonathan Rochester (bass), and Nathan Collins (YC20 organ and some trumpet). You'll also hear my wife Helen singing on the first song. I ended up doing a few extra overdubs and stuff, but the core of the songs is band. I hope that to some degree the different approach made a positive difference to the music and that it was worth the effort. Let me know if you think it wasn't. No actually don't.

So the new EP is called "The Anthony Rochesters", and is available on bandcamp and iTunes, and will be released on CD by Jigsaw Records (USA), Vollwert-Records/Edition 59 (Germany) and shinyhappyrecords (Indonesia).

"Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" video shot by Angus Ashton during the EP recording session, January 2012:

June 22, 2011
Hey you can listen to my whole album "Hot Hits '96" and buy it for real cheap (or real expensive, if you are generous) at my bandcamp page. That's all for now.

April 1, 2011
To be honest, my life is fairly boring right now. I am trying to write lyrics for a bunch of new songs, and I find it difficult and tiresome. The goal is to make them sound like they weren't difficult and tiresome to write. And then the goal is to make them work with my band, play some more shows and then record them with the band. I am looking forward to these phases, but the writing part is a drag for me right now. We have a gig coming up soon but I'll give the details a bit later.

February 28, 2011
Do you like the new website? Actually it is more lo-fi than how it was before, but its simpler and in comparison it feels like when you take your belt off after wearing it all day one notch too tight.

More important news is that I'm playing a couple of gigs in March, supporting Holly Throsby, and for the first time I'm playing with a band instead of my iPod. Rehearsals are under way, and I still don't really know what the result will sound like.

March 18, Hobart, Republic Bar, supporting Holly Throsby (Billy Whims playing too)
March 19, Launceston, The Hub, supporting Holly Throsby (Billy Whims playing too)

February 13, 2011
My new album "Hot Hits '96" is now available from Jigsaw Records in the US! Check it out here. Of course it is also available on iTunes too.

Also, I (with the help of my wife Helen, who made all the bits that required some level of skill) recently made a stop motion video using paper, scissors and glue for the song 'Copenhagen'. It took ages to make..

November 15, 2010
OK, so now I can announce the release of my new album "hot hits '96". No this is not a compilation of my favourite songs from 1996, it is a collection of songs I have written and recorded over the last few years - some of them were on the two little 3" tour CDs I made for when I went travelling in 2007, and some were written after that. I'm quite proud of the songs. Even the synthesizer solos. Inconveniently for some, it is only available on iTunes. Sorry about this, but I am so poor I can't afford to get physical CDs pressed. I'm not ruling it out for the future though, we'll see what happens.. For now, check it out on iTunes.

September 17, 2010
I only seem to update this site every year or 2. But actually I have updated the sounds section a little. Truth be told, there's not a lot of news related to my music. Apart from a side project called the sunshine spectacular, and several other little musical projects with/for other people.. Oh, and a new full length album planned for release sometime before the end of 2010. It will primarily be a digital release on iTunes and all that, but there will be some physical copies of some description, which means graphic design/layout. That's the hard part at the moment. Anyway, stay tuned and check my facebook page etc.

September 19, 2008:
Music For In The Spaceship is now available from Series Two records! Just send USD$13 paypal to
It can also be ordered from:
Vollwert Records in Germany.
Apple Crumble in Tokyo
Larry's Corner in Stockholm

October 11, 2007:
My oh my, I'm going on a bigger tour in November/December, to America and Scandinavia, with the chumps from the Hepburns. For all the tour dates, see

April 9, 2007:
again, its been too long since an update on this site, but I did go to Sweden/Norway for a few shows in February. It was really cool and I had a nice time and met good people and all that. Still not sure when 'music for in the spaceship' will be out, but I want to make sure its a good release. I'm working on plenty of other things as well..

December 11, 2006:
Oh I just realised its been way too long since I updated the news on this site. Sorry. The only news that I can think of is that I've finished recording my new album (music for in the spaceship). Unfortunately I can't give any exact details of when/where/how it will be released because its all a bit up in the air. But, I am pretty happy with the songs, and it should be available sometime in the next few months. You can hear a couple of the new songs on my myspace page.

1 October, 2006:
Well the aforementioned "more exciting things" is that I'll be visiting Norway/Sweden in February. I'll be doing a few gigs and stuff - its a motivation to get 'music for in the spaceship' released before the trip.. More news/dates later..